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Undeclared: "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs"

by Rob on January 15, 2007

Now, that is much better. Rachel finally gets her own plot, and the boyfriend-from-hell who can’t stop doing impressions is hilarious. Steven’s tuition woes are very easy to empathize with, and the humor is wacky but more restrained than in the previous outings, so it’s easier for me to suspend my disbelief. The only thing I disliked about this one, again, was the father. But the show is definitely on an upwards slope, at this point. By the time I get to the last episode, I might just have yet another reason to curse FOX for prematurely canceling an excellent show, which, like so many other shows it’s canceled, made a number of critics’ year-end 10 Best Lists, when it originally aired in 2001. It’s a thing, with that network, isn’t it?

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